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Harrison is a Financial Analyst and Editor at InfoChoice. Prior to joining the InfoChoice Group in January 2020, he worked for some of Australia's largest comparison sites and media organisations.

With a keen interest in the economy, housing policy, and personal finance, Harrison strives to deliver and edit news and guides that are engaging, thought-provoking, and simple to read.

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Harrison Astbury

Fixed home loan rates more competitive than variable - is it time to lock it in?

The latest RBA data suggests owner occupiers that opted for a fixed rate for three years or fewer in May got a better deal than those that opted for a variab...

10 Jul 2023
Harrison Astbury

Mortgage competition, house price rises pose a consumption headache for the RBA

Despite a pause to the cash rate in July so the RBA can look around, household wealth, consumption and property price gains are proving a headache for the ce...

07 Jul 2023
Harrison Astbury

Home Loans for Seniors

Approaching your twilight years and need to buy a new home? Home loans for seniors are possible, you just might need to explore some alternative options or h...

06 Jul 2023
Harrison Astbury

What is a bridging loan and how do they work?

Settling on a property before you’ve sold your old one? This is where bridging loans could come in handy with short terms on interest-only payments.

04 Jul 2023
Harrison Astbury

Compare home loans from the big four banks

The major banks are some of the most prolific home loan lenders in Australia, making up 75% of home loans in the market. See how CommBank, Westpac, NAB, and ...

28 Jun 2023
Harrison Astbury

Investor property listings pick up due to interest rate and rental reform risks

CoreLogic data shows there has been an uptick in property listings from investor vendors, and property investment lobbyists say it's unsurprising when lookin...

22 Jun 2023
Harrison Astbury

How to refinance your home loan

By refinancing your home loan to a new loan with a lower interest rate or better features, you could save yourself thousands of dollars.

21 Jun 2023
Harrison Astbury

What is the Family Home Guarantee for single parents?

Raising children on your own isn’t easy, let alone trying to find a home loan as well. The government has introduced the Family Home Guarantee scheme t...

20 Jun 2023
Harrison Astbury

ME Bank offers 5% 12-month term deposit

The Bank of Queensland-owned ME Bank has upped the rate on its 12-month term deposit product by 25 basis points bringing it to 5% p.a.

14 Jun 2023
Harrison Astbury

UBank raises savings rate to 5%, Westpac first to move post-RBA

UBank was the first mover in savings account land, boosting its savings account rate to 5% p.a. while Westpac was the first to hike rates on variable home lo...

07 Jun 2023
Harrison Astbury

RBA hikes another 25bps but modelling suggests three more

At June's RBA monetary policy meeting, the cash rate was increased by another 25 basis points to 4.10% but its own modelling suggests it might need to be 4.8...

06 Jun 2023
Harrison Astbury

RBA rate rises or supply crunch: Which will win?

New ABS data highlights loans issued for new homes or construction fell to a 15-year low.

02 Jun 2023