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Harrison is a Financial Analyst and Editor at InfoChoice. Prior to joining the InfoChoice Group in January 2020, he worked for some of Australia's largest comparison sites and media organisations.

With a keen interest in the economy, housing policy, and personal finance, Harrison strives to deliver and edit news and guides that are engaging, thought-provoking, and simple to read.

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Harrison Astbury

Inflation shows further signs of slowing but fuel, energy making it hard to see a clear picture

The headline inflation figure for the 12 months to October reached 4.9%, evidence of a slight moderation, but fuel and excise windbacks, and energy bill reli...

29 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

Retail sales posts sluggish result before Black Friday

Retail sales for October fell 0.2%, with consumer sentiment on the cost of living and RBA rate rises thought to weigh on the index.

28 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

Heritage & People's Choice decide on a new name - finally

Heritage Bank and People's Choice Credit Union joined forces in March but only now have decided on a new name - People First Bank.

28 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

Virgin Money reverses savings account rate cut decision

In late October, Virgin Money announced it would cut some savings account rates by 15 basis points; now off the back of November's RBA cash rate hike it has ...

27 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

Credit Union SA double dips on home loan rate hikes

NAB increased a wide range of fixed-rate home loans by up to 25 basis points, while Credit Union SA increased the rate on a variable home loan by 40 basis po...

24 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

New leaders emerge in term deposit space as stronger RBA rhetoric persists

Both Bank of Sydney and Judo increased this week to share the crown with ING for the highest rates in the 12-month term deposit space.

24 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

Big Four Term Deposit Rates - ANZ, Commbank, NAB, Westpac

The big four banks hold more than $1 trillion out of $1.4 trillion in Australian household deposits, or around 73% marketshare. But do they offer the best te...

23 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

Is it better to make monthly, fortnightly or weekly home loan repayments?

There are lots of tips on how to get ahead on your mortgage, such as eating 2-minute noodles and giving up Netflix, but one ...

20 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

'Not much to read' from latest unemployment figures, but tide could be turning

There was a monster 55,000 extra finding themselves with a job in October, yet the unemployment rate trickled up to 3.7%, so what does this mean?

16 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

Wages growth hits coveted 4% mark: Will this have the RBA spooked?

The annualised wages growth figure hit 4%, three months ahead of RBA forecasts and the highest since March 2009.

15 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

ANZ Plus launches home loans

Beyond the $7.4 billion net profit headline, ANZ in its full year results quietly shed more light on its new ANZ Plus mortgage product.

13 Nov 2023
Harrison Astbury

Will the RBA risk missing inflation targets or fire off more rate hikes?

In the RBA's first statement of monetary policy (SOMP) delivered under the tutelage of governor Michele Bullock, subtle changes of phrase suggest that its in...

10 Nov 2023