Scam phone survey targets bank customers

The Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) has learned of a scam telephone survey which falsely claims to be undertaken by the ABA. The bogus survey telephone operator informs the person that they are completing a customer satisfaction survey and then asks a series of questions regarding the person’s banking provider, such as:
* Whom do you bank with?
* How long have you banked with them?
* Are you satisfied with the service?

David Bell, Chief Executive of the ABA, said, “The ABA does not carry out customer satisfaction surveys. Two bank customers have now called us about this so-called ‘survey’. They terminated the calls after these questions because they became suspicious. We are concerned, however, that if the calls had continued, the customers would have been asked for personal identification details including bank account numbers, PINs and Internet banking passwords and logins. The criminals which are running this scam could then use the information to defraud bank customers.”

The ABA advises that if you receive an ‘Australian Banking Association’ survey call, just hang up. You should then contact your bank, who will take immediate action to monitor your account if any information was divulged to the caller.

Source: ABA