Savers SAVED by new online banks

MEDIA RELEASE 12 September 2019 Market leading rates herald new era of mobile app bank accounts Two new online banks, launched this week, are helping [...]

POSTED ON September 13, 2019
What is the cashless welfare card?

All Centrelink payments get paid as cash into bank accounts as a right of every Australian. Until now. Since the Howard government, remote communities have [...]

POSTED ON September 10, 2019

The Big Reveal: 6 ways to PAY for a home makeover By Jason Bryce Australia has home reno fever. The Block and House Rules are [...]

POSTED ON August 26, 2019
What is a notice saver account?

Notice saver accounts are a fairly new product to the Australian savings account scene. They’re a handy hybrid of term deposits and on-call savings accounts. [...]

POSTED ON August 19, 2019
What is happening to eftpos?

There is a titanic battle playing out right now, behind the scenes, between Australia’s big banks, the Morrison government, the Reserve Bank, global credit card [...]

POSTED ON August 16, 2019
Westpac beats watchdog in battle of the beef

Westpac has emerged victorious after a bombshell court decision today that vindicates automated assessments of loan applicant’s living expenses using a formula called the Household [...]

POSTED ON August 13, 2019
Is Scott Morrison banning cash?

The Morrison government is proposing a radical ban on business cash transactions over $10,000 to fight the ‘black economy’ and tax avoidance. Business owners will [...]

POSTED ON August 9, 2019
Billion-dollar bank compo bonanza

Which banks are paying compensation to investors? Banks and financial institutions will pay about one billion dollars in total compensation to investors and customers for [...]

POSTED ON August 7, 2019
Are there any green banks in Australia?

Which bank is greenest? Are you concerned that the planet is warming and some politicians are really not responding with appropriate urgency? Are you concerned [...]

POSTED ON June 25, 2019
Which savings account is right for me?

Savings accounts are NOT all simple, straightforward products that are basically pretty much all the same. Each savings account has its own terms and conditions, [...]

POSTED ON June 19, 2019
9 Ways You Could Be Wasting Money

Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing everything right, but still not seeing results. Benjamin Franklin said, “a small leak will sink a great ship” [...]

POSTED ON June 18, 2019
Easy ways to save money in Australia

Do you think saving money is hard? Spending money is easier right? Well actually anyone can save money but managing their cash efficiently and taking [...]

POSTED ON June 5, 2019
The key to choosing a good bank account

The key to choosing any kind of financial product is making sure you understand your needs, and your financial situation, before you apply for anything. [...]

POSTED ON September 4, 2013
Westpac favourite big bank for business

The Big Four banks are closing the gap with their smaller rivals in the business customer satisfaction stakes. DBM Consultants reported in its latest Business [...]

POSTED ON December 21, 2011
Bank of Melbourne to match any rate

The Bank of Melbourne announced it will match any of the big fours' advertised interest rates. The promotion applies to fixed and variable home loans, [...]

POSTED ON December 19, 2011
Commbank customers charged with theft

The Commonwealth Bank is referring about 100 of its customers to police for criminal prosecution as a result of the recent ATM glitch that allowed [...]

POSTED ON April 18, 2011
Swan giving banks a run for their money

The Commonwealth Treasurer Wayne Swan has urged home owners to consider switching their home loans from the big banks to credit unions. The Treasurer is [...]

POSTED ON December 7, 2010
Ask for a better deal and save $75K

Bank mortgage customers can save more than $75,000 over the life of their home loan simply by asking for a better deal. However two thirds [...]

POSTED ON September 24, 2010
ANZ installs Forex ATMs

ANZ announced that it has installed two ANZ Foreign Exchange ATMs at Melbourne airport. The specially designed ATMs can dispense foreign currency up to a [...]

POSTED ON August 27, 2010
Customers are banking online

A report by Mintel Comperemedia found that 70 per cent of adults who use the Internet use online banking. Another seven per cent have signed [...]

POSTED ON July 26, 2010
Bank and investor taxes to be slashed

Australia will buck the international trend towards higher taxes on banks and financial institutions and lower financial services taxes under new government proposals unveiled by [...]

POSTED ON January 18, 2010