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There are many things to know about car insurance and one of them is price. There is very little use these days for the one size fits all policy. A different car and a different driver equal a different car insurance policy. So what can you do to pay less for your cover? Well basically there are two steps.

  • Choose the car you want and get together information on you and your car and then
  • Compare car insurance currently on offer

Now if you have your heart set on a particular model and make of car and you want to modify it a certain way then this section of the article may not be for you. But knowledge is power so read about it anyway.

Insurers make certain decisions based on facts. If they discover that Brand X car is more likely to be stolen than Brand Y car then the policy they offer will have a higher premium for Brand X. It’s called making a profit and doing well in business. The insurer wants to reduce their risk but if they do have to pay a claim for a stolen car, they will have received a greater income for that particular car’s cover.

Then there is the modification of a car. It might be a cosmetic change or something far more substantial to do with the engine or both. Some drivers are keen on such a modification but again car insurers look at the facts. They may have discovered that cars with certain modifications are driven faster than other cars and therefore are at a greater risk. Or that the modified cars are more attractive to car thieves. So these factors are represented in the price of the car insurance premium.

Then there is the origin of the vehicle. It is often but not always more difficult to repair a car which has come from another country. So if you have a particular interest in an imported car, you may find your insurance premium goes up because of the cost of repairs should you be involved in an accident.

And then finally there is the cost of the vehicle in the first place. If you can get by with a cheaper car, chances are your insurance cover will be less, sometimes far less, than someone who is driving an expensive vehicle. So this point and all the others above explain how the choice of car you make has a direct impact on the cost of your car insurance.

But even if you know all this and still buy an imported car with modifications and which is popular with car thieves, you can still get a cheaper price for your car insurance. And this is done by making comparisons. The real beauty of online marketing today is that often all the hard work has been done for you. By using an online insurance calculator, you can in a matter of minutes, receive detailed information about a range of insurance policies all tailored to cover your car and its conditions.

You don’t have to make comparisons by collecting data from a variety of insurers. It’s all been done for you. Simply add in your details, answer the questions and then click GO. The information is at your fingertips, someone else has done all the hard work for you.

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