Time to spring clean your finances

Aussie executive chairman and founder Mr John Symond said spring was generally a time of new life, renewed motivation and vigour as the cold weather abates. Mr Symond believes it is the perfect opportunity for Australians to "Spring Clean" their finances by looking to shore up their debt, find ways to pay off their mortgages faster, buy a new home or invest in property and look into products such as life insurance to provide security and peace of mind for their future.

"The first thing people have to do is ensure they are on the right loan," Mr Symond said. "With record low interest rates it would be criminal for homeowners to be missing out on the best deal and possibly paying thousands more in interest than they should be."

Mr Symond said it was also imperative customers were aware of the best way to manage their home loan whether it be fortnightly payments, extra repayments or making sure they weren’t paying for extras they don’t need such as a redraw facility.

Source: Aussie Home Loans