Google’s Android Pay launches in Australia

In a major step forward for banking and payments in Australia, Google has launched Android Pay with 28 banks and credit unions now offering the service. Another fifteen banks and credit unions will soon join the original 28 and offer Android Pay for their customers. Users of Android Pay will find paying with their phone easy, quick, convenient and helpful for budgeting.


What is Android Pay?

Android Pay is the new way to pay in store. Now you can just tap or hold your Android phone near a contactless payment terminal in shops, cafe’s, restaurants and other places you need to pay for goods and services. The Android Pay app is linked to your Visa debit or credit card or American Express credit card. MasterCard debit and credit cards will soon also be able to be linked to Android Pay.


Which banks and credit unions support Android Pay?

Android Pay can be linked to Visa debit and credit cards and American Express cards issued by 28 Australian financial institutions including ANZ Bank, Macquarie Bank, Bank of Sydney, Beyond Bank and many credit unions. Another 15 banks and credit unions will soon join up and offer Android Pay including Bendigo & Adelaide Bank and ING Direct. Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and National Australia Bank do not offer Android Pay at this time. MasterCard credit and debit cards are going online with Android Pay in the next few days.


Which phones support Android Pay?

Google Android Pay works with Android ‘KitKat’ mobile phones. That includes handsets made by Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, BlackBerry, and HTC. More than half (54 per cent) of all new smart phone handsets sold in Australia are Android based. Download the free app and enter your debt or credit card details to set up and use Android Pay.


Is Android Pay different to Samsung Pay and Apple Pay?

Samsung mobile phone users can choose whether to use Samsung Pay or Android Pay. These are two separate apps. Apple iPhone users cannot use Android Pay or Samsung Pay, only Apple Pay. Apple Pay is only available in Australia with ANZ Bank credit cards. Apple iPhone users who are Commonwealth Bank transaction account customers with a debit or credit card may be able to use a CommBank PayTag.



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