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Economy Variable Home Loan

The lowest available home loan rate at BOQ is the Economy Variable home loan. This is a simple, no frills product, but includes an unlimited free redraw (minimum of $100 at a time), as well as a free property valuation per application. This product is available for owner occupier and investment loans, with a maximum LVR of 80%, with discounted rates available if LVR doesn’t exceed 70%.

This product allows an interest only period of up to 5 years, subject to approval.

Clear Path Variable Home Loan

The Clear Path Variable Home Loan has a higher rate than the Economy Variable, but comes with several extra features:

Fixed Rate home loans

Finally, BOQ also give customers the option to fix their home loan rate, for a period of 2-5 years. Redraw facilities and offset accounts aren’t available on fixed rate home loans with BOQ, but extra repayments up to $10,000 a year are allowed. As with most lenders, penalties can apply for borrowers who break their fixed term, either by refinancing or paying off the loan early.

Interest only payments are available for up to 5 years, while the LVR options are the same as the Clear Path Variable home loan.

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$2,000 cashback is on offer to entice customers to refinance existing loans to BOQ, excluding those refinanced from BOQ subsidiaries like ME or Virgin Money Australia. Qualifying loans must have an outstanding balance of at least $250,000, and an LVR of no more than 80%.

Family guarantee

BOQ introduced the Family Guarantee to help borrowers purchasing their first home. It’s a means for immediate family members of first home buyers to act as a guarantor, which BOQ says is easier and includes less lengthy documentation than traditional guarantee arrangements.

Under the family guarantee, the finance is separated into two loans. The borrower is responsible for paying both but only one is secured by the guarantee. The secured loan is only a portion of the loan amount (generally about 20% of the full purchase price), which limits the risk the guarantor takes, then once the loan amount drops below 80% LVR, the guarantee no longer applies.

Fees and charges

The following fees currently apply (correct at time of writing):

Application fee

Ongoing Fees (charged on repayment date)

Clear Path Variable Home Loan



Fixed Rate Home Loan



Economy Home Loan