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MONEY FACTS – December 2005

>Standard variable rates: Not so standard
Beware of comparing your home loan rate against the standard bank variable rate; it's not so standard anymore and hardly anyone ever pays it!
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>Retirees' guide to reverse mortgages
This new style of loan allows retirees to tap into the value of their home for money to live on. But borrowers must avoid the traps.
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>Infrastructure: Investing for solid returns
Investing in transport and utility assets is now a popular strategy for steady returns. Find out why, and what the investment options are.
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>Christmas card overload: Avoid the New Year debt hangover
Here's how you can afford Christmas without being stung by the cost of credit.
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>Super: The choice remains yours
Now the fuss over the introduction of choice-of-super-fund in the work place is dying down, here's how to make the most of the opportunity for a better retirement.
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>Free share charting for investors
What's New at Share charting tools for investors to help research on shares, bonds and other financial markets all around the world.
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>RateWatch 2006
Interest rates should stay steady into the New Year, but be wary of possible rises later next year.
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>Home loan lock-in: Your chance to fix
With fixed rates well below the variable rate, it remains one of the best times ever to lock in at least part of your home loan.
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>Industry profile: Members Equity Bank
A bank unlike any other you know in Australia.
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>Quick polls
Find out what others are thinking about fixing their home loan rate and what they value in an online broker.
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