TradingRoom opens its doors to new partners

It appears that TradingRoom, the joint venture financial services portal between F2 and Macquarie Bank, has failed to convince F2 clients to transact online with largely Macquarie Bank products under its current model. The restructure sees Macquarie substitute its interest in the joint venture with a distribution agreement whereby those F2 clients wishing to trade online will be referred to Macquarie.

Up to now Macquarie had the exclusive right to offer online broking, cash management funds and margin lending to TradingRoom clients. The restructure will allow TradingRoom to offer a greater range of financial service products and also make it a more attractive proposition for advertising.

The restructure signifies an extremely difficult market for any non retail bank entrants into the online broking market that don’t already have an existing customer base with which it transacts. The winner in such a market is the retail investor who has a plethora of freely available online services at their fingertips. TradingRoom has an excellent market news service that integrates Fairfax news, ASX announcements, Dow Jones Newswire and video news.