Offset Home Loan (Owner Occupier, Principal and Interest, max LVR 90%)

Variable Rate
3.14% p.a.
Comparison Rate
3.40% p.a.
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Key Features
Loan Type
Min Loan
Max Loan
Application Fee
Borrow upto
of property value
Ongoing fee
$248.00 Yearly
Redraw Facility
Offset Account

Loan Details

Loan Type Variable
Security Type ResidentialProperty
Availability Owner Occupiers
Repayment Options Principal & Interest
Repayment Frequency Monthly
Min Loan Term 5
Max Loan Term 30
Max Loan to Value Ration (LVR) 0%
Max LVR with Mortgage Insurance 90%
Min Loan Amount $150,000.00
Max Loan Amount $1,100,000.00
Interest Rate Notes


Extra Repayments
Loan is Transferable (Portable)
Transfer Fee $250.00
Mortgage Offset Available
Mortgage Offset 100%
Mortgage Offset Rate -%
Redraw Available
Min Redraw Amount -
Max Redraw Amount -
Redraw Fee -
Redraw Notice Period Same business day
Redraw Method
Redraw Notes & Comments

Split Account

Split Available
Max No. of Accounts for Split 20
Separate Statements for Split
Statement Frequency 2
Fixed Option
Fee for Fixing n/a


Application Fee $0.00
Legal Fee $363.00
Legal Fee $363.00
Valuation Fee $0.00
Settlement Fee $0.00
Service Fee $248.00
Exit Fee $0.00
Early Termination Fee
Legal Fee $363.00

Break Costs

General Fee Notes:

Valuation Fee: $0 up to $2,000,000 property value Exit Fee: For each property discharged

General Notes: