Trending Financial News 7 Jan 2020

*Disclaimer: Citi credit card product names have changed effective 20 Jan 2020 as following: Citi Clear Platinum is now Citi Clear; Citi Rewards Platinum is now Citi Rewards; Citi Signature is now referred to as Citi Premier; Citi Signature Qantas now known as Citi Premier Qantas.

Australian property is booming again

Residential property prices increased 4.0 per cent in the three months to December 2019, according to data from CoreLogic. This is the fastest quarterly growth rate for property prices in 10 years.

Property prices jumped 1.1 per cent in December 2019 but are still below their previous record highs recorded in October 2017.

Sydney home prices grew 6.2 per cent in the three months to December 2019. For more information and the latest property market updates, go to InfoChoice.

Highest term deposit rates in January 2020

The highest term deposits rates in Australia in January 2020, now listed on InfoChoice, are from online bank brands. The market-leading term deposit rates in Australia include offerings from Citi, the Green Term Deposit range from UBank and Judo Bank’s limited range of mostly longer term deposits. Read more about the top term deposit rates in January at infoChoice.

Top balance transfer credit cards for Christmas debt

A $2,000 credit card debt attracting interest of around 24 per cent could cost more than $6K in interest if repaid at a minimum repayment level of 2.5% per month according to the InfoChoice Credit Card Repayment Calculator.

In January 2020, banks and other credit card issuers have some very attractive zero-interest (0%) balance transfer deals listed on InfoChoice, Australia’s leading comparison site for credit cards.

Credit cards with zero interest for more than two years

The Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card  is offering a 0% p.a. rate on balances transferred for 26 months with a 1.5% BT fee. This card has a $49 annual fee for the first year, then reverting to $149.

The Bankwest Breeze Mastercard also charges 0% on balance transfers for 26 months. This card has a low purchase interest rate of 12.99 per cent pa and up to 55 days interest-free.

Credit union bushfire assistance information

Credit unions have a range of measures and ways to assist customers who have been affected by fires, said Customer Owned Banking Association CEO Michael Lawrence.

“Please contact your banking institution once you’re able to, to find out exactly how they will be able to assist you.

“The bushfires are devastating for individuals and communities. Our thoughts are with those whose properties and lives have been impacted, as well as for the firefighters.”

Credit union contact details for customers affected by bushfires are here

Bank bushfire helplines listed here

If you are you living in a bushfire affected area in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland or South Australia and your property of business is impacted or damaged by a bushfire, you can claim assistance from your bank. Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in Australia can assist people and customers who are affected by fires.

Read more about how to contact your bank and what assistance might be available for you at InfoChoice.

Financial Complaints Authority opens bushfire help service

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority has established an online webpage for hub for families and small businesses affected by bushfires.

AFCA’s Rob Guest said the authority is committed to ensuring appropriate information is in place for consumers.

“Document damage when it’s safe to do so, by taking photos or making notes. 

“If there’s a problem with your claim, it’s important to have evidence.”

AFCA has special processes to expedite complaints from people in the impacted communities.

People facing financial hardship should contact their bank or financial provider to ask for assistance said Rob Guest.

Post-christmas personal loan bargains 

If you have you been hit with post christmas debt, you might be looking for a debt consolidation loan with a cheap interest-rate. There are currently, in January 2020, plenty of lenders offering great rates on unsecured personal loans and loans for debt consolidation purposes.  Read more about personal loans for post-christmas debt at InfoChoice.

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