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One of the good things about car insurance throughout Australia is the openness and competition between insurers. The motorist is given a wide range of companies to deal with and can consider the many policies available. But this excellent choice makes it even more important for the client to seriously study their situation.

You should avoid paying too much or paying for cover you do not need. With a list of questions, you can approach each insurer to get the right deal for your car. You can, of course, save time and potentially money, by taking the free online quote service. This enables you to discover what car insurance policies are available from which insurers and all from the comfort of your home or office.

Different cars, different insurers

The vast majority of people drive a ‘normal’ vehicle. That’s because we want something reliable and comfortable, affordable and which can regularly and safely get us from A to B. But there are people who enjoy something unusual when it comes to car ownership. It might be a rare car or one which is not manufactured in large numbers or something extremely expensive.

In these cases, insurance may be better handled by a specialist motor car insurer. In fact there are some companies which only or mainly deal in vintage, veteran and classic cars. The same advice is always given and that is to ‘shop around’.

What’s your best price?

Retailers put a price tag on their goods but there’s no law in asking if you can get it for less. If you look around to compare car insurance quotes which offer the same cover but are cheaper than what you are currently paying, tell your insurer. In fact there are some car insurers who also handle other forms of insurance such as home and contents. Provided you get the right deal, it might mean an even bigger saving if you took several polices with the same insurer.

Know the facts

It’s a fact of life that insurance companies have certain factors locked into their company psyche. It’s no use getting upset about these because they are not going to go away. Things like your age and address are important to car insurance companies. Younger drivers are, generally speaking, believed to be more likely to have an accident as opposed to older, more experienced motorists.

Then there’s your postcode. Statistics may or may not lie but if insurance companies have a list which says that car thefts are more likely in suburbs X, Y and Z then if you live in one of those suburbs, the insurer will likely charge more for any premium on a policy which exists to cover against your car being stolen. Apart from moving house, there’s not much you can do about those sorts of things.

So by all means look around. For a country with a relatively small population, Australia has a healthy motor insurance situation. But the old saying of ‘let the buyer beware’ applies. Compare policies and premiums, know your vehicle and your needs and do yourself a favour with the right cover at the best price.

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