Judo Bank

Judo Bank pride themselves on being a nimble solution to help customers capitalise on opportunities. The Judo Strategy, according to Judo Bank, is the “art of using size and agility to outwit larger opponents”.

Aimed at the SME and Australian business market, Judo offers lending solutions, financing and flexible, tailored products. They are also committed to the Banking and Finance Oath.

Judo combines technology with traditional banking, with an emphasis on relationships. You will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager for your account.

Judo Bank

Judo Bank Personal Term Deposits

90 Days

1 Yr Paid
Annually 1.05

Is Judo Bank a bank?

Judo Bank is a challenger bank. They specialise in business lending for small to medium sized Australian businesses. They have a full Australian Deposit-Taking Institution licence which means that deposits up to $250,000 are guaranteed by the Australian Government.

You can view the products offered by Judo Bank in the table below.

What transaction accounts do Judo Bank Bank offer?

Judo bank does not offer personal everyday transaction accounts or personal savings accounts.

What term deposits do Judo Bank Offer?

Judo currently only offers one Judo Bank term deposit for personal customers who can deposit a minimum of $1,000. The terms range from six months to five years, with a loyalty bonus for rolling over your maturing term into a new one. There are no ongoing fees charged on any Term Deposit accounts.

There are plans for Judo to offer a SMSF and business term deposit in the future, but no word on exactly when they will be made available.

What business finance options does Judo Bank have?

Judo Bank specialises in business finance for small to medium sized business. Loan amounts start from $250,000. They offer several different business finance products including:

  • Equipment loan that offers flexible repayments as well as a balloon payment option.
  • Finance lease to help your business purchase equipment or vehicles
  • A Business loan of up to $10 million for SMEs at either a fixed or variable interest rate. Offering flexible repayments and terms tailored to your specific business needs. Loans can be secured by different types of assets or security.Interest-only term available.
  • A Line of credit up to $10 million at a variable interest rate with no set repayments terms

What home loans does Judo Bank offer?

If you already have business lending product through Judo you might be eligible for one of their flexible home loans. Judo offer a choice of variable or fixed interest rate home loans with flexible repayment options. You can also tailor your repayments by making your loan principal and interest or interest-only repayments.

Home loans offered through Judo are up to 30 years.

How do I apply for an account with Judo Bank Bank?

You can apply online for an account with Judo Bank providing you have your ID (passport, medicare or drivers licence), your tax file number, address, email address and contact phone number.

What are some of the pros of banking with Judo Bank Bank?

  • Relationship banking – Judo prioritises relationships, so you will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager to contact at any time
  • Market-leading term deposit rates – the fixed interest rates offered are extremely competitive
  • Tailored business solutions – your dedicated relationships manager will work with you to customise lending products to your specific business needs
  • Business finance solutions – Judo offers a number of flexible options to suit different business needs
  • Transparency – Judo updates their Base Rate on the first of reach month

What are some of the cons of banking with Judo Bank Bank?

You cannot do any personal banking such as an everyday transaction account or savings account through Judo. If you are a smaller business seeking finance of less than $250,000 you will not be eligible for a loan with Judo.

Compare Judo Bank savings rate with other savings accounts and other term deposits in Australia.