Woollies Ezy Banking to be extended

Males account for only 35 per cent of customers that have an Ezy Banking transaction account. Woolworths Ezy Banking hopes to increase this percentage by extending its banking service to outlets such as the Dan Murphy liquor chain, Dick Smith and Tandy electronic outlets and the Safeway/Woolworths Plus petrol station.

Ezy Banking senior executive Jan Bowe says that men are more in interested in general in participating in shopping for alcohol and electronics than they are for food products.

The new outlets will have point of sale material and, possibly, ATMs.

Ezy Banking is already available in 700 Woolworths/Safeway/Big W stores nationally. Ms Bowe said the additional 465 alternative outlets could be more conducive to actively selling banking products.

Ezy Banking, launched in 1999, claims to have 585,000 customers, including those taking up only the bank's MasterCard credit card product. 60 per cent are low value customers who have swapped over from the CBA which nominated the Woolworths Ezy Banking as its basic banking account for pensioners and low-income customers.

The Australian Online 23/11/2001