Melbourne home values crash in 2011

Melbourne's median house price has lost $50,000 this year after peaking at $601,000 last December - an 8.3 per cent drop according to the Real [...]

POSTED ON December 19, 2011
Property buyers are downsizing

According to research conducted by Bankwest, 38 per cent of home approvals were for medium density dwellings over the past year. The bank said this [...]

POSTED ON December 7, 2011
IMB has top savings account rate

According to Infochoice, 55 institutions cut their at-call rates in November. While the majority cut their rates in line with the 25 basis point reduction [...]

POSTED ON December 1, 2011
NAB has lowest rates for farm loans

National Australia Bank (NAB) has the most attractive base lending rate for agribusiness. Just five financial institutions in the agribusiness loan market have dropped their [...]

POSTED ON November 28, 2011
Aussie shoppers love to tap and go

MasterCard Australia has announced that more than 1 million contactless PayPass transactions were recorded during the month of August. There are 7 million PayPass enabled [...]

POSTED ON October 24, 2011
Frequent flyer points worth about 1 cent

The Australian Consumer Association has slammed Australia's frequent flyer schemes, saying that most passengers would be better off just buying the cheapest flights on offer. [...]

POSTED ON October 13, 2011