Best term deposit rates March 2020

The best term deposit rates on InfoChoice are over 2.0% pa in March 2020. The highest Australian term deposit rate in March 2020 on InfoChoice [...]

POSTED ON March 5, 2020
Melbourne property market outlook for 2020

Melbourne Auction Results for Saturday 14 March 2020 There were 1091 residential property auctions held in Melbourne on Saturday 14 March 2020. 68 per cent [...]

POSTED ON February 7, 2020
How a personal loan helps save you money

It’s probably just a strange quirk of human nature, but many people would prefer to use a credit card for large expenses than take out [...]

POSTED ON July 3, 2019
Are there any green banks in Australia?

Which bank is greenest? Are you concerned that the planet is warming and some politicians are really not responding with appropriate urgency? Are you concerned [...]

POSTED ON June 25, 2019
What type of credit card user are you?

There are two different types of credit card users. One type pays for the other types benefits and rewards. They are called transactors and revolvers. [...]

POSTED ON December 18, 2015
How to get value from credit card rewards

There are about 140 Australian credit cards featuring a rewards program of some sort. The rewards on offer vary from merchandise to free flights and [...]

POSTED ON December 18, 2015
Young people are the new landlords

One in three Gen Ys (people aged under about 35 years) plan to buy a home in the next three years. Ten per cent plan [...]

POSTED ON December 9, 2015
Banks do make lots of mistakes …

Banks need to do a better job monitoring their IT systems to ensure customers are not the victims of over-charging and other breaches, says the [...]

POSTED ON December 4, 2015
Why the RBA is furious with the big banks

The Reserve Bank of Australia yesterday said it had serious concerns over problems emerging in the investor home loan market. RBA deputy governor Philip Lowe [...]

POSTED ON November 6, 2015
Are all banks raising their home loan rates?

Australia’s biggest mortgage lender, the Commonwealth Bank, has announced a rise in variable mortgage rates for owner-occupiers of 0.15 percentage points. Westpac has announced a [...]

POSTED ON October 23, 2015
How much will CommBank’s rate rise cost me?

Australia’s biggest mortgage lender, the Commonwealth Bank, has announced a rise in variable mortgage rates for owner-occupiers of 0.15 percentage points. On a 30 year [...]

POSTED ON October 23, 2015
Two more lenders go under 4 per cent

North Queensland based lender Auswide Bank has announced a new variable home loan interest rate of 3.98 per cent for owner-occupier borrowers who have equity [...]

POSTED ON October 20, 2015
If you don’t like Westpac’s rate rise …

Smaller lenders are trying to take advantage of the opportunity that Westpac’s recent rate rise is creating for them. Aussie Home Loans, Auswide Bank, AMP [...]

POSTED ON October 20, 2015
Your transaction account is about to get better

Australian transaction banking accounts use the Eftpos payment scheme to power debit payments at retail points of sale. However people who want to shop online [...]

POSTED ON October 20, 2015
Are your loans giving you stress?

Financial stress in Australia is increasing. 32 per cent of Australian households are financially stressed according to a big new research project backed by Monash [...]

POSTED ON October 20, 2015
Ansett lifts full economy fares

Ansett has raised its full economy domestic fares by 5 to 6 per cent, a move that has not yet been matched by Qantas. For [...]

POSTED ON August 30, 2001
Discount fares drop in September

Fares of $66 are back, temporarily at least, with Qantas and Ansett lowering their discount fares on a number of routes for travel in early [...]

POSTED ON August 29, 2001
CBA holds narrow net banking lead

The Commonwealth Bank still leads its rivals as the most popular for internet banking, according to web traffic statistics for the month of July. Jupiter [...]

POSTED ON August 29, 2001
Optus won’t charge portability fee

Optus has announced it will not levy a charge on subscribers for transporting their number to a new provider under the new number portability arrangements [...]

POSTED ON August 29, 2001
NAB-AMP merger: Should we worry?

Speculation is growing about a potential merger between National Australia Bank and AMP that would create a financial services giant holding more than $125 billion [...]

POSTED ON August 29, 2001
ACCC rejects Telstra price hike

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) rejected Telstra’s application to increase charges on line rentals unless the carrier improved its pricing for low-income earners. [...]

POSTED ON August 28, 2001
Solomon Islands travel warning

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade advises Australians to defer all holiday travel to Solomon Islands. Australians in Solomon Islands are advised to [...]

POSTED ON August 28, 2001
RBA to sit tight, despite US rate cut

While domestic recovery continues, interest rates should remain on hold in Australia despite a further cut in US rates this week. The risks to our [...]

POSTED ON August 28, 2001
More airfare rises expected

Domestic air travellers can expect to pay higher discount fares in coming months as the competitive market enters its second year, which promises to be [...]

POSTED ON August 27, 2001
Behind CBA’s profit figures

A year on from its takeover of Colonial State Bank, the Commonwealth Bank announced a $2.4 billion net profit. Amidst the usual analysis of earnings, [...]

POSTED ON August 27, 2001
Call for emergency tracking chips in mobiles

Australia's emergency services are calling for all mobile phone companies to insert a chip into every handset to allow 000 callers to be traced to [...]

POSTED ON August 23, 2001
Call to widen interchange fee debate

Building societies and credit unions have weighed into the reform debate over credit card and ATM 'interchange fees' saying proposed reforms threaten the profitability of [...]

POSTED ON August 23, 2001
Endeavour and Advantage merge

Endeavour Credit Union and Advantage Credit Union will merge to become Endeavour Advantage Credit Union from October 1. The merger will also bring in the [...]

POSTED ON August 23, 2001
Fee slug on number portability

Mobile subscribers may have to pay up to $70 for the privilege of being able to take their number with them when changing service providers. [...]

POSTED ON August 22, 2001
Westpac says no more branch closures

Westpac will not close any more bank branches in rural or metropolitan areas, its chief executive said yesterday. David Morgan said the bank had reached [...]

POSTED ON August 22, 2001
Move over SMS, it’s time for EMS

If you're a big user of SMS text messages then it's likely that you will love the new-generation messaging system, EMS, or Enhanced Messaging Service. [...]

POSTED ON August 22, 2001
China travel warning

This advice for Australian travellers is from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Australians travelling or resident in the People's Republic of China [...]

POSTED ON August 20, 2001
Qantas faces strike action

The National Union of Workers has notified Qantas of plans for a 24 hour stoppage by storemen in freight handling, flight catering and engineering from [...]

POSTED ON August 17, 2001
Qantas suffers profit drop

Qantas today announced a profit before tax of $597.1 million, down $165.7 million - 21.7 per cent on the previous year. Profit after tax was [...]

POSTED ON August 17, 2001
EU supports Australia on bank fees

The Reserve Bank has gained a major world ally in its fight to reduce transaction fees on ATM and credit card transactions. The Australian Financial [...]

POSTED ON August 16, 2001
Virgin predicts a rosy future

As its first birthday approaches, Virgin Blue chief executive Brett Godfrey has outlined a rosy future for the low-fare airline. Plans for the future include [...]

POSTED ON August 16, 2001
Lowest Syd-Mel fares tough to find

The best discount fares are never easy to secure but a FlightChoice survey of availability on the prime Sydney-Melbourne route shows it is extra tough. [...]

POSTED ON August 16, 2001
Merrill Lynch HSBC offers managed funds online

Merrill Lynch HSBC this week launched its online managed fund service together with consolidated reporting of clients' shares, managed funds and cash account positions. You [...]

POSTED ON August 16, 2001
Margin Lending continues to grow

According to the latest RBA report on Monetary Policy, margin lending has grown faster than other forms of personal finance over the last year and [...]

POSTED ON August 15, 2001
Interest rates firmly on hold

Interest rates remain on hold, probably into next year. This is the picture emerging from the Reserve Bank's quarterly report on monetary policy, released yesterday [...]

POSTED ON August 15, 2001
Settlement ‘crisis’ for homebuyers

August 2001 Home borrowers with the major banks are facing costly settlement delays when they buy a property, according to the Law Society of NSW. [...]

POSTED ON August 15, 2001
IMB buys Aust Unity, eyes national market

Illawarra Mutual (IMB), Australia’s third-largest building society, has acquired the Victorian-based Australian Unity Building Society, furthering plans to build a national presence. Australian Unity will [...]

POSTED ON August 15, 2001
Rate-cut chances overstated

The chance of a further cut in official interest rates remains low despite the knee-jerk reaction on financial markets to yesterday's July unemployment figures which [...]

POSTED ON August 14, 2001
Gearing into international shares

Overseas sharemarkets are becoming increasingly accessible to retail investors, both direct shares and managed funds. Investors are becoming aware that although they may have a [...]

POSTED ON August 14, 2001
SMS scam targets mobile users

Australian mobile phone users have become the targets of an international scam involving SMS text messages. Users are receiving messages to urgently call a number [...]

POSTED ON August 14, 2001
Qantas denies ACCC Tassie breach

Qantas has hit back at claims from the Tasmanian Government that it is breaking commitments to the ACCC in its decision to cancel two flights [...]

POSTED ON August 14, 2001
Winners and losers in Telstra price changes

Telstra has announced a range of pricing changes which will see line rental charges and STD flagfall rates rise while new special offers will mean [...]

POSTED ON August 14, 2001
Ansett plans to reinvent the airline

ANSETT Air New Zealand CEO Gary Toomey has plans to reinvent the airline group by March. Mr Toomey also wants Ansett International to be operating [...]

POSTED ON August 13, 2001
BA offers new $1599 fares to Europe

British Airways has released new return economy fares to 72 UK and European destinations until December, ranging from $1,599 to $2,099 depending on when you [...]

POSTED ON August 13, 2001
Small towns win mobile coverage upgrade

More than 100 Australian towns have been earmarked for the Federal Government's $37.7 million initiative to improve mobile phone coverage. All the towns have 500 [...]

POSTED ON August 13, 2001
CBA launches account aggregation on web

The Commonwealth Bank is the first Australian bank to launch an online account-aggregating service which allows customers to consolidate all their online accounts on one [...]

POSTED ON August 12, 2001
Telstra to release national fault list

Telstra has agreed to release a list of thousands of telephone network faults previously withheld from public scrutiny, after pressure from the Federal Opposition. Telstra [...]

POSTED ON August 10, 2001
Homebuyers borrow more but repay faster

Australians are borrowing more to buy their homes but are still able to repay their loans well within the 25-year term, according to research conducted [...]

POSTED ON August 10, 2001
Online savings growing with interest

AMP Bank and ING Direct are the fastest-growing deposit takers in Australian banking, courtesy of their high-interest savings accounts which offer online access only. The [...]

POSTED ON August 8, 2001
Online Brokers feel the pinch

An article in the Sydney Morning herald by Jan Eakin last week again highlighted that several of the smaller online brokers are facing an uncertain [...]

POSTED ON August 8, 2001
Poetic traveller wins FlightChoice competition

The winner of the FlightChoice competition to win two return airfares to any major Australian city courtesy of Harvey World Travel is Debbie Anderton of [...]

POSTED ON August 8, 2001
Qantas and Virgin raise discount fares

Qantas has increased its internet-only fares on the Sydney-Melbourne and Sydney-Brisbane routes from $77 to $99 for travel up to 20 September. The fares will [...]

POSTED ON August 8, 2001
Deliberate Acts by tenants

A deliberate (though not malicious) act by a tenant that results in damage, for example creating a hole in the wall after hanging a picture [...]

POSTED ON August 6, 2001
Eye scans to replace passports

A revolutionary eye-scanning technique aimed at speeding passengers through customs and immigration control is to go on trial at Heathrow Airport in October. If successful [...]

POSTED ON August 6, 2001
TradingRoom opens its doors to new partners

It appears that TradingRoom, the joint venture financial services portal between F2 and Macquarie Bank, has failed to convince F2 clients to transact online with [...]

POSTED ON August 3, 2001
BecomeMedia – Strategy Document [PDF]

This document is available as a PDF document. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view it. BecomeMedia - Content for Commerce [...]

POSTED ON August 2, 2001
FHO grant threatens higher rates

A healthy lift in retail trade on top of the First Home Owner Grant-inspired surge in home building approvals suggests the economy in June has [...]

POSTED ON August 2, 2001
Cheaper local call plans take effect today

Residents in Melbourne and Sydney fringes and some regional areas can now benefit from Telstra’s new STD options, which take effect today. However, only customers [...]

POSTED ON August 2, 2001
Avoid cold-call share offers

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has warned investors of the growing problem of telephone share investment frauds after a suspected scam was uncovered [...]

POSTED ON August 2, 2001
Hello, is there anybody home?

Online brokers' phone services have often come under fire from clients trying to get through in busy periods to make a quick trade, only to [...]

POSTED ON August 1, 2001
Optus releases new 12-month mobile deals

Optus's release of a range of new mobile handset & plan offers shows the competition is continuing to hot up in advance of the introduction [...]

POSTED ON August 1, 2001
Elders Bank reports strong first year profit

Elders Rural Bank has reported a $10.25 million profit in its first year of operation to establish a strong presence in the rural finance market [...]

POSTED ON August 1, 2001
Sri Lanka travel warning

Following the 24 July terrorist attack on Bandaranaike International Airport Australians should consider deferring all holiday and normal business travel to Sri Lanka. Those resident [...]

POSTED ON July 31, 2001
Ombudsman says One.Tel customers ignored

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has accused One.Tel administrator Ferrier Hodgson of putting customer complaint letters to the "bottom of a very big pile". The [...]

POSTED ON July 31, 2001
Inflation smothers rate-cut chances

The chances of further interest rate cuts have all but disappeared with the release this week of June quarter CPI figures showing inflation approaching levels [...]

POSTED ON July 31, 2001
Virgin committed to low fares, eyes Perth

Virgin Blue says it remains committed to low domestic airfares and is considering extending its services to Perth, despite travel industry criticism that it can't [...]

POSTED ON July 30, 2001
Gold Coast – kids fly free

Qantas and Ansett have released a Kids Fly Free holiday package to the Gold Coast, 3 nights from $270. For travel up to 21 September, [...]

POSTED ON July 27, 2001
Improved access for hearing impaired

Users of mobile phones who wear hearing aids may be able to obtain free accessories or have the possibility of changing over to the CDMA [...]

POSTED ON July 27, 2001
New website delivers institutional research

There’s a US website that could be signalling the way in which analyst research will be distributed. The website is where you can view [...]

POSTED ON July 27, 2001
Highest insurance taxes in the world

Australians are paying the highest tax rates on their Home & Contents insurance policies in the world. According to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu the taxes applied [...]

POSTED ON July 27, 2001
Frequent flyer programs under scrutiny

Air travellers should investigate non-Australian frequent flyer programs as an alternative to the Qantas Frequent Flyer and Ansett Global Reward programs, according to an Australian [...]

POSTED ON July 27, 2001
Indonesia travel warning

The Australian Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued the following warning to Australians in Indonesia are advised to monitor carefully developments that might [...]

POSTED ON July 25, 2001
Australian economy the toast of the town

Australia's economy has outperformed that of most others - particularly the powerhouses of the USA, Japan and Europe - against all the expectations of the [...]

POSTED ON July 24, 2001