What does comprehensive car insurance cover?

As a car owner, you no doubt have your compulsory third party(CTP) vehicle insurance, as it’s a legal requirement in Australia. However, you’ve probably also [...]

POSTED ON February 6, 2020
Do I need car insurance?

Yes you do! And you need to understand the different types of car insurance. Compulsory Third Party insurance is compulsory in Australia for all registered [...]

POSTED ON January 13, 2020
Compare Car Insurance in Australia

Australian Car Insurance One of the good things about car insurance throughout Australia is the openness and competition between insurers. The motorist is given a [...]

POSTED ON August 6, 2019
Does Financing a Car Affect Your Car Insurance?

In Australia, it’s a legal requirement for car owners to have compulsory third–party (CTP) insurance so that if you injure someone else, you’re covered for [...]

POSTED ON June 21, 2019
Shop for cheaper car insurance

Infochoice last week launched its car insurance aggregator business with a suite of eight brands -- BudgetDirect, realpayasyoudrive, Virgin Money, ibuyeco, cashback, 1st for Women, [...]

POSTED ON August 4, 2010