How does the First Home Super Scheme work?

The First Home Super Saver scheme enables first home buyers to withdraw some of their extra superannuation contributions to use as some or all of [...]

POSTED ON January 9, 2020
InfoChoice Review of ME

ME is a largely online bank headquartered in Melbourne with a handful of branches in other capital cities in Australia. ME started life as Super [...]

POSTED ON December 11, 2019
InfoChoice Review of ING Australia

ING DIRECT became Australia’s first ‘direct bank’ in 1999 when Dutch parent ING Group launched an Australian subsidiary, headquartered in Sydney (pictured). A direct bank [...]

POSTED ON December 11, 2019
InfoChoice Review of Citibank Australia (Citi)

*Disclaimer: Citi credit card product names have changed effective 20 Jan 2020 as following: Citi Clear Platinum is now Citi Clear; Citi Rewards Platinum is now Citi [...]

POSTED ON December 11, 2019
InfoChoice Review of HSBC Australia

HSBC Australia is a foreign owned subsidiary bank of HSBC Holdings, a British bank operating in 65 countries around the world. HSBC is the 7th [...]

POSTED ON December 11, 2019
InfoChoice’s Review of St George Bank

St George Bank is a NSW based, wholly owned subsidiary of Westpac (since 2008) and offers a similar range of loans, cards and accounts as [...]

POSTED ON December 11, 2019
Home price rise puts RBA on back foot

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has kept interest rates on hold for the month of December at a historic low of 0.75 per cent. [...]

POSTED ON December 4, 2019
Which bank is best for first home buyers?

The federal government’s first home deposit scheme kicks off on 1 January 2020 and house prices are low but rising. First home buyers are reportedly [...]

POSTED ON December 3, 2019
InfoChoice Review of Bank of Queensland

Bank of Queensland (BoQ) is one of Australia’s leading regional banks. BoQ is a listed institution (ASX:BOQ) and, unlike some other state-based banks, is not [...]

POSTED ON December 2, 2019
InfoChoice Review of Bank of Melbourne

Bank of Melbourne is a Westpac owned Victorian lender with a full suite of home loans, personal loans, credit cards, accounts and other banking products. [...]

POSTED ON November 29, 2019
InfoChoice Review of Virgin Money

History of Virgin Money in Australia Virgin Money is an Australian financial services business now owned 100 per cent by Bank of Queensland. The Virgin [...]

POSTED ON November 29, 2019
What is a reverse mortgage?

If you’re looking to make your retirement more comfortable, then a reverse mortgage could help you to access some of the value in your home, [...]

POSTED ON November 25, 2019
Can you negotiate a better mortgage rate

Will banks and lenders negotiate a better rate if I ask? The simple answer to this question is you probably can negotiate your way to [...]

POSTED ON November 18, 2019
Guide to first home loan deposit scheme.

Who can qualify for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme? Your two-minute FAQ guide to the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme Whilst seasoned campaigners understand [...]

POSTED ON October 29, 2019
Athena Home Loans

Athena Home Loans like to deliver savings When the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a 0.25 percentage point rate cut this week, the first lender [...]

POSTED ON October 3, 2019
Guarantor Home Loans – How to Get One

What is a guarantor home loan and how does it work? Quite simply, a guarantor home loan is one that has a portion of the [...]

POSTED ON September 19, 2019
How much can I borrow?

New ‘secret shopper’ research reveals what each big bank is prepared to lend – and the answers will SHOCK you. In fact, the differences right [...]

POSTED ON September 13, 2019
Big banks join low rate mortgage war

Westpac announces amazing new low rates and first major regional bank goes under 3%* Westpac slashes home loan rates by up to 1.30%. Westpac has [...]

POSTED ON September 10, 2019
What to consider when refinancing your home loan

By Richard Holdcroft With the lowest home loan interest rates in history now on offer, there are potentially huge savings to be had on your mortgage. Thanks [...]

POSTED ON September 5, 2019
Could Australia get negative interest rates?

The world economy is in totally uncharted territory. Last week central bankers from around the globe met in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA and tried to [...]

POSTED ON August 29, 2019
Great home loans for refinancers

Home loans typically last for 25 or 30 years, unless you repay it early or refinance. Refinancing means using a new loan to pay off [...]

POSTED ON August 23, 2019
These two men determine your home loan rate

US President Donald Trump is an unconventional and controversial political leader. That’s not news but what you may not realise is how much influence Mr [...]

POSTED ON August 22, 2019
How much can I save with refinancing?

How much can I save by refinancing? Refinancing your home loan could be one of the best financial decisions you ever make. And refinancing is [...]

POSTED ON August 16, 2019
Westpac beats watchdog in battle of the beef

Westpac has emerged victorious after a bombshell court decision today that vindicates automated assessments of loan applicant’s living expenses using a formula called the Household [...]

POSTED ON August 13, 2019
Great time to be a borrower

Home loan rates have hit all-time record lows. The property market is showing signs of recovery. Regulators have eased home loan eligibility guidelines. Lenders are [...]

POSTED ON July 30, 2019
Your home loan deposit explained

For many of the hopeful, wannabe homeowners in Australia, it’s not keeping up with home loan news and finding the right property that stumps them, [...]

POSTED ON July 12, 2019
How to get a self-employed home loan

You might love the freedom of being self–employed but you probably don’t like the attitude of banks and lenders to self-employed loan applicants. One of [...]

POSTED ON July 12, 2019
Home loans with rates UNDER 3%

Home loan rates in Australia have never in living memory been as low as they are now. In short, it’s a great time to be [...]

POSTED ON July 11, 2019
Big changes coming soon to home loan rules

Thousands of Australians who are currently considered not able to afford a home loan are about to suddenly become eligible for mortgage credit. Home loan [...]

POSTED ON July 5, 2019
Are there any green banks in Australia?

Which bank is greenest? Are you concerned that the planet is warming and some politicians are really not responding with appropriate urgency? Are you concerned [...]

POSTED ON June 25, 2019
Buying versus renting in Australia

“It is more affordable to buy than rent” Which cities and towns are cheaper for home buyers than renters? Suddenly in 2019, there are plenty [...]

POSTED ON June 13, 2019
How low can interest rates go?

Tuesday June 4 will be remembered as the day the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) reduced interest rates to a new all-time record low. The [...]

POSTED ON June 13, 2019
First lender passes on full RBA rate cut

Non-bank lender announces amazing new super-low comparison rate The Reserve Bank of Australia has just announced an historic cut in the official cash rate (OCR) [...]

POSTED ON June 4, 2019
Does Australia need an interest rate cut?

Does Australia need an interest rate cut? Vote YES or NO Should monetary policy put “People before Profits” or “Poverty before Property Prices?” The [...]

POSTED ON June 3, 2019
Good news about bad credit

Many Australians worry about their credit rating these days, especially if they know their own rating isn’t as good as it could be. Finding out [...]

POSTED ON June 3, 2019
Over 40? Do you have an exit strategy?

Life is meant to begin at 40. You’re older. Wiser. Better equipped to deal with the world and what it throws at you, except, apparently, [...]

POSTED ON May 31, 2019
First Aussie bank smashes through 3%

The first lender in Australia to announce a retail home loan rate under three per cent is Greater Bank. The Newcastle based mutual bank has [...]

POSTED ON May 31, 2019
Lenders slash variable and fixed rate mortgages

The Reserve Bank of Australia has stubbornly resisted cutting interest rates in recent years but some lenders have been slashing their variable rate, and fixed [...]

POSTED ON May 5, 2019
Good credit history? New laws could help you save

The Turnbull government has announced ‘game changing’ new laws that will allow Australian’s to negotiate a better deal on their home loans, credit cards and [...]

POSTED ON November 8, 2017
Houses are getting more affordable – at last

According to the latest Housing Affordability Report by Adelaide Bank and The Real Estate Institute of Australia, residential property is becoming more affordable. The proportion [...]

POSTED ON June 2, 2016
Wow – these fixed rates are really low

Teachers Mutual Bank’s three-year fixed rate has been reduced by 0.25 percentage points to 3.74 per cent (4.88 per cent comparison rate). Teachers Mutual Bank’s [...]

POSTED ON May 26, 2016
Are you a foreign buyer in Australian property?

The Australian government announced that foreign investors in Australian residential real estate will pay an application fee from 1 December 2015. CBRE’s head of research [...]

POSTED ON May 14, 2015
How is my loan application assessed?

Most lenders are still not using comprehensive credit reporting to assess loan applications even though the new system has been available since March 2014. Banks [...]

POSTED ON April 14, 2015
New rules for reverse mortgages

The National Consumer Credit Protection Act has been amended to include regulations covering reverse mortgages. Brokers and lenders who arrange reverse mortgages must now make [...]

POSTED ON May 23, 2013
RBA backs banks on home loan rates

The Reserve Bank reported yesterday that “lending rates have tended to move in line with funding costs over the past 12 months.” The RBA said [...]

POSTED ON March 22, 2013
Fixed rates starting to rise again

After nearly two years of downward movement on fixed interest rate home loans, a major bank has made the first increase on their fixed interest [...]

POSTED ON March 20, 2013
RBA keeps rates at 3.0 per cent

The Reserve Bank has left the official cash interest rate unchanged at 3 per cent for February. A poll of 28 economists carried out by [...]

POSTED ON February 6, 2013
Rates on hold

Interest rates are on hold for now, with senior economists predicting only modest rate cuts towards the end of the year, after the Reserve Bank [...]

POSTED ON July 5, 2012
New home buyers in NSW get big grants

As widely forecast, the New South Wales Budget, which was handed down yesterday, includes significant changes to the state’s First Home Owner Grant Scheme. From [...]

POSTED ON June 13, 2012
Banks can afford rate cuts says Swan

ANZ will make its rates decision at its monthly mortgage committee meeting on Friday and the other banks are not expected to move before then. [...]

POSTED ON June 6, 2012
NAB continues to attract switchers

National Australia Bank chief executive Cameron Clyne said the bank continued to grow its number of mortgage customers. “We've seen substantial switching over the last [...]

POSTED ON May 10, 2012
NSW Police get full 0.50% rate cut

The NSW Police Credit Union will pass on the full .50 per cent RBA rate cut to its Police Value Variable Home Loan (down to [...]

POSTED ON May 9, 2012
First homebuyers struggle with deposits

Lack of a deposit - not interest rate movements - is hurting first homebuyers. A survey by Loan Market has found interest rates were the [...]

POSTED ON April 19, 2012
RBA warns banks not to raise rates again

Australian Bankers' Association chief Steven Munchenberg said banks needed to balance the interests of savers and people borrowing money for houses or running a business. [...]

POSTED ON March 23, 2012
Average home loan size falls below $300K

The housing finance market has recorded nine months of steady growth, making up the ground lost when it went into a sharp decline in late [...]

POSTED ON January 17, 2012