Purchase Rate
11.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Rate
11.99% p.a.
Interest Free
Up to 55 days
Annual Fee
  • Low ongoing cash advance and purchase rate.
  • No annual fee.
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases.*
  • Enjoy full access to all 'Mastercard Exclusives' special offers.
  • Have peace of mind with emergency worldwide replacement if your card is lost or stolen.

Key Features
Rewards Program
Joining Fee
Annual Fee
Insurance Cover
for Purchases
Overseas ATM
Automatic Travel

Fee & Repayments

Annual Fee $0.00
Annual Fee First Year $0.00
Rewards Joining Fee -
Supplementary Card Fee $0.00
Minimum Repayment Greater of 3% or $10.00
Interest Charged From PurchaseDate
Late Payment Fee $10.00

Other Charges

Duplicate Statement Fee $5.00
Overseas ATM Balance Fee $0.00
Transaction Verification Fee $0.00
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee $4.00
Over Limit Fee $0.00
Overseas Emergency Card Replacement Fee $100.00
Terms & Conditions
Our overseas ATM withdrawal fee is $4 or 2% of the withdrawal amount, whichever is greater. *Up to 55 days interest free only applies if you pay your balance in full by the due date each month.

* For cards with reward programs that allow you to earn points, unless otherwise noted, the best case scenario of everyday spending is used when calculating the spend required to earn a reward. Everyday spending does not include bonus points that may be earned by shopping with loyalty partners. For rewards programs that have monthly caps, we assume you stay under that cap and for products with two cards, we assume spending is with the highest earning card. For programs that allow you to convert points for air travel at a price that changes from day to day, we have assumed that the flight is $300 (taxes and charges inclusive).

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