Tips for a comfortable flight

1. Best seat in the plane – try to sit on the left side, as far forward in the cabin as possible.

2. Sitting in the exit row usually gives you extra leg room.

3. Dietary Requirements – if you have a special diet eg vegetarian, low fat, high fibre diets, most airlines can cater for you. You must advise your travel agent when booking.

4. Wheelchairs are available at airports but should be pre-arranged with your travel agent or at check in.

5. It is recommended not to drink Alcohol on long flights due to dehydration.

6. Smokers are advised that there is a no smoking policy on most airlines.

7. Personal Hygiene – for your comfort, it is a good idea to take toothpaste, toothbrush, hair comb or brush, socks, deodorant, contact lense case and solution and glasses, in your on board luggage.

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