Which CC have the best frequent flyer points deal?

Which credit cards will help you earn frequent flyer points and get free flights quickly?

Some credit cards with rewards programs will give you a free flight only after spending tens of thousands of dollars. Other credit cards have much higher earn rates. Finding the right card that suits you and how you spend your money will mean you can get in the sky sooner with free flights.

Free flights straight away …

Right now, there are plenty of credit cards offering to give you thousands of frequent flyer points just for signing up. Enough points to get you a free flight straight away.

For example:

The ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures credit card gives you 40,000 Reward Points, when you spend $1,000 on eligible purchases in the first three months from approval.

The Citi Prestige Credit Card is giving away 70,000 rewards points when you first spend on your new card.

The Westpac Altitude Platinum credit card is giving away 50,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer or Altitude points when you spend $2,500 within 90 days of being approved.

Which credit cards have the best earn rate on frequent flyer & rewards points?

All the credit card issuers have their own method of calculating rewards points. And they have their own methods and formulas for assigning points per dollar spent on the card. So it can be really difficult to accurately compare two separate credit cards and their rewards programs.

Infochoice has cut through the complexity and the jargon for you. The Infochoice Cashback and Rewards Credit Card Comparison table features two columns that can make the job of comparing rewards and points deals easy.

The “Spend Required for a $100 reward” column will give you the dollar amount of spending needed before the card will give you a reward worth $100.

The “Spend Required for SYD-MEL Return Flight” column will also give you a clear dollar amount of spending that is required before you will earn a return flight between Sydney and Melbourne.

Our experts at Infochoice have put these calculations together based on information provided by the card issuers about the credit card’s point earning capability. For credit card rewards programs that don’t have a set number of points required to redeem flights, the approximate spend is based on a $300 travel voucher. If a credit card issuer has a bonus point offer or point capping, these are not included in the calculation.

Under the “Advanced Search” tab you will be able to choose which frequent flyer program you prefer or you can leave the search option open to “Any program”.

Which credit cards have the best frequent flyer points earn rates?

By searching on the “Spend Req for SYD-MEL Ret. Flight” field, Infochoice can point us directly to some of the best frequent flyer deals in Australia, easily and quickly.

For example:

The David Jones American Express Platinum Card can give you a free flight with just $1,500 spent, plus you can get 40,000 rewards points with a sign-up offer.

The American Express Velocity Platinum Card requires $5,000 of spending to earn a free flight and you can get 50,000 Velocity points in a sign-up offer.

The ANZ Rewards Black credit card gives you a free flight on a spend of $10,500 plus you can get 75,000 rewards points within 3 months of approval.

The Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Visa credit card requires a $15,000 spend to earn a free flight. This card is also offering zero per cent on balance transfers for 18 months.

You can research and compare all 70 rewards and cashback credit cards now available from all of Australia’s major banks and credit unions here.

You can compare all types of credit cards here.

Source: Infochoice.com.au

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