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Jason Bryce is a former journalist at InfoChoice.

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Jason Bryce

The 'COVID tax' on Used Car Prices

Used car prices in Australia are seeing huge gains - but why? And, will they last? We discuss and give some car-selling tips that can help you benefit.

25 Feb 2021
Jason Bryce

Big four cut fixed rates, leave variable rate holders hanging


05 Nov 2020
Jason Bryce

BREAKING NEWS: Scott Morrison's coronavirus cash splash

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's government will pump $17.63 billion into the Australian economy to fight off the financial impact on Australians from....


12 Mar 2020
Jason Bryce

How to claim financial hardship assistance from your bank: Contact information for bank hardship assistance helplines

Australians are able to claim financial hardship assistance from their bank or other lender/card issuer if they hit hard times.

26 Feb 2020
Jason Bryce

How to create a plan to manage small business vehicles

How to create a plan to manage small business vehicles. . Minimise upfront costs. Track and manage fuel costs. If there's anything in the world of Australian...

25 Feb 2020
Jason Bryce

Bitcoin halving and Bitcoin fork FAQs

The Bitcoin Cash and subsequent Bitcoin halving events are imminent. In addition to miners having their returns 'halved' every four years, Bitcoin has...

17 Feb 2020
Jason Bryce

What Are The Penalties For Breaking A Term Deposit?

Term deposits are a secure and predictable investment vehicle with guaranteed returns as long - as you leave the money in the account right through...

14 Feb 2020
Jason Bryce

InfoChoice's First Review of Commonwealth Bank's Klarna app

Look out Afterpay, Zip, OpenPay, LatitudePay and all the other Buy Now Pay Later apps. Klarna has been launched, is now available for Commonwealth Bank...

14 Feb 2020
Jason Bryce

Which Lenders Offer Cheaper Home Loans Than Commonwealth Bank? Comparing Rates and Fees

Australia's biggest bank is Commonwealth Bank. One in four homebuyers choose Commonwealth Bank for their home loan and, in 2019 and 2020....

13 Feb 2020
Jason Bryce

How to send money overseas

If you have friends or family overseas, you may want to send them money at some point, like for a wedding or just to help with everyday expenses....

10 Feb 2020
Jason Bryce

Brisbane property market outlook 2020

While we're seeing a slowdown in the decline of prices in Sydney and Melbourne, with maybe even the hint of a recovery on the horizon, other...

09 Feb 2020
Jason Bryce

What does comprehensive car insurance cover?

As a car owner, you no doubt have your compulsory third party(CTP) vehicle insurance, as it's a legal requirement in Australia. However, you've probably...

06 Feb 2020