Combined Sydney air, rail ticket possible

Combined air and rail tickets for travellers heading to Sydney airport may become available if talks between NSW State Rail and domestic airlines are successful. State Rail will approach Virgin Blue, Ansett, Qantas and Impulse Airlines to discuss promotion of the Sydney airport rail line. The ‘multi-ticketing’ proposal may see travellers buying a combined ticket over the Internet covering their flight as well as travel to and from the airport. The proposal is part of a campaign that aims to increase the popularity of the airport rail line which is so far failing to attract passengers and incurring serious financial losses for the line’s private operator.

FlightChoice research shows that the airport railway link is one of the cheaper travel alternatives to and from the airport. Based on travel to Sydney airport from the city CBD, the cost of a one-way ticket by train is $10 and $15 return compared to an average of $28 for a one-way taxi fare. For those driving to the airport, the cost of overnight parking is $32.80. Alternatively, the Airport Express bus which travels between the city and the airport costs $7 one-way and $12 return.