Top 12–month term deposit rates in November 2019

Top 12–month term deposit rates in November 2019 Term deposits are popular with retirees, sophisticated investors wanting to diversify with cash and savers needing to [...]

POSTED ON November 25, 2019
Term deposit rate update November

Term deposit rates are under pressure as official interest rates fall closer to zero in Australia. The highest term deposit rate now on offer from [...]

POSTED ON November 12, 2019
Which bank calculates term deposit daily?

Calculating interest daily unlocks the power of compounding. It’s a big advantage. When you invest your money in a term deposit account you know that [...]

POSTED ON October 11, 2019
Which bank has the best term deposit rates?

If you’re thinking about opening a term deposit account to help you to achieve your savings goals then it’s important that you choose and open [...]

POSTED ON September 30, 2019
Lock in your term deposit rates NOW

Interest rates are tipped to fall in 2019 and 2020 from the already low rates now being paid to savers. It’s entirely possible that there [...]

POSTED ON May 27, 2019
What is a term deposit rollover risk?

Term deposits expire, or mature, at a certain date. At this point, if you haven’t organised moving your money into a new term or a [...]

POSTED ON October 27, 2017
What types of term deposits are there?

Have you considered incorporating term deposits into your savings strategy? With guaranteed returns on deposits up to $250,000 in Approved Deposit-taking Institutions (APIs), term deposits [...]

POSTED ON October 16, 2017
ATM Fees Get The Axe From Four Big Banks

Australian’s biggest banks have decided to axe ATM’s fees for customers of other banks. Commonwealth Bank (CBA) announced on Sunday that they were axing ATM [...]

POSTED ON September 25, 2017
What is a Term Deposit?

Term deposits are an easy way to make some extra money. Put your money into a term deposit from anywhere between one month to five [...]

POSTED ON September 25, 2017
Three tips to help you save for tomorrow

Just because many millennials struggle to break into the property market doesn't mean they're not able to save. In fact, millennials are among some of [...]

POSTED ON June 7, 2017
How to pay for the wedding you want

A wedding can be one of the most special days of your life – but it can also be one of the most expensive. The [...]

POSTED ON June 7, 2017
Think you’ll never own property? Think again

Between investor competition and skyrocketing property prices, first-time home buyers have been having a hard time getting into the property market. But for some, a [...]

POSTED ON June 7, 2017
How to buy property as a millennial

Growing up a millennial certainly has its advantages, like having a strong entrepreneurial mindset and dreams of self-employment. In fact, the disposable income of Australian [...]

POSTED ON March 27, 2017
What would I use a term deposit for?

Whether you’re saving for a holiday, a house or a more comfortable future, a term deposit can offer an attractive mix of higher returns and [...]

POSTED ON March 27, 2017
Saving for a holiday and a house

Climbing the corporate ladder is hard work, and you’ll naturally want to take some time out occasionally. Travelling is a great way to rest, recharge [...]

POSTED ON March 27, 2017
Long term deposit vs short term deposit

For people looking to grow their savings, term deposits make the job simple. Put your money away for a set period, usually between 30 days [...]

POSTED ON February 24, 2017
Banks cut TD rates, but that will change in 2017

In November and December 2016, some of Australia's biggest banks have reduced some of their term deposit rates. National Australia Bank has reduced interest rates [...]

POSTED ON December 23, 2016
Savings accounts vs. term deposits

If you want to save money and earn interest, savings accounts and term deposits are both worth looking into. We’ve examined the differences and similarities between [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
Key term deposit terms you should know

Term deposits offer a guaranteed return, making them particularly popular among more cautious investors or as a low-risk component of a diversified investment portfolio. However, [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
How to apply for a term deposit

Putting your money into a term deposit means locking it away for a pre-determined period at a fixed rate of interest. That way, you’re guaranteed [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
Which big bank is cutting term deposit rate

Just two months after boasting about raising interest rates for savers, the big banks have begun quietly cutting the returns they pay to term deposit [...]

POSTED ON October 3, 2016
Term deposits need active management

InfoChoice’s Laura Crowden said savers need to “actively manage” their term deposits and warns people not to “set and forget” their term deposits. “Savers should [...]

POSTED ON June 28, 2016
Good term deposit rates are still available

Some term deposits are now offering rates as low as just one per cent. Financial comparison website InfoChoice reports that average rates on a $10,000 [...]

POSTED ON June 27, 2016
How to make term deposits work for you

Term deposits are often used as a set-and-forget investment but smart savers take an active management approach to investing in term deposits. Term deposit interest [...]

POSTED ON June 3, 2016
Term deposit savers need to switch

Term deposit expert John Edginton said term deposit rates are “holding up quite well.” Edginton said there is a difference of about 1 per cent [...]

POSTED ON June 2, 2016
What is the average term deposit rate right now?

Banks and credit unions regularly change their term deposit rates and the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission has warned consumers to be alert to changed [...]

POSTED ON May 26, 2016
Farmers get early access to term deposits

ANZ Bank is offering dairy farmers, and other farmers, concessions to help deal with debt and lower prices, including a three-month suspension of loan repayments, [...]

POSTED ON May 20, 2016
What are the average term deposit rates now?

Average term deposit rates Average savings interest rates have fallen slightly in the last 12 months.The average three month term deposit rate is now about [...]

POSTED ON May 16, 2016
What are the best one year term deposit rates?

One year (12 month) term deposits are one of the most popular investment vehicles for Australian savers. Even though official interest rates are falling, now [...]

POSTED ON May 6, 2016
Bank deposits are still a great investment

Continuing fall on the ASX and turmoil on global share markets mean savings accounts and term deposits are are great place for investing money. Falling [...]

POSTED ON May 4, 2016
Rates are rising for term deposit investors

Six banks and credit unions increased their term deposit rates in April 2016 by as much as 0.45 percentage points. Bank of Queensland increased its [...]

POSTED ON May 2, 2016
Term deposits are NOT boring …

OK you have some savings and you want to make some investments right? You’re looking at all the different shares, schemes and managed funds and [...]

POSTED ON April 4, 2016
Average savings rates are going up

Banks and credit unions are likely to compete more to attract deposits because of a recent jump in wholesale funding costs and looming regulatory changes. [...]

POSTED ON March 30, 2016
Term deposit vs shares

Term deposit interest rates have been low for many years now but are still well above inflation. Term deposit interest rates have started to rise [...]

POSTED ON March 29, 2016
Term deposit rates are heading up again

If you listen to the media, you might think interest rates are heading down, but at the big banks, bond traders are already raising professional [...]

POSTED ON March 23, 2016
Term deposits are still a great way to save

Term deposits are traditionally popular with retirees and investors looking for a safe haven for cash or a secure income source. Term deposits have become [...]

POSTED ON March 21, 2016
What is a good term deposit rate?

Term deposits continue to be enormously popular with savers and investors. Retirees especially love term deposits for their safe and secure fixed returns. Advisers often [...]

POSTED ON March 4, 2016
Savers are laughing all the way to the bank

Investors who have put their money in savings accounts and term deposits are currently seeing their faith rewarded. Investors who have poured money into the [...]

POSTED ON February 11, 2016
Which term deposit is right for me?

Savers are continuing to make term deposits one of our most popular ways of investing. Term deposit rates vary and change regularly. To ensure you [...]

POSTED ON February 9, 2016
Are interest rates going up in 2016?

Right now the Reserve Bank’s official cash rate is at a record low of 2 per cent. “We think the Reserve Bank will stay on [...]

POSTED ON January 12, 2016
Shares vs savings accounts

The share market is in turmoil with billions of dollars being wiped off the value of the Australian market over the last two weeks. Shares [...]

POSTED ON January 12, 2016
Is now the time for a term deposit?

The Reserve Bank of Australia has left the door open to a future cash rate cut.  The Australian share market has recently fallen heavily, wiping [...]

POSTED ON December 16, 2015
There are four ways to invest money …

Investors and savers are often advised to have a mix of investments. The four basic ways to invest money include cash, bonds, shares and property. [...]

POSTED ON December 9, 2015
Are term deposits worthwhile?

Term deposits are a traditional and popular form of investing, especially for retired people and investors looking for a risk-free return. Term deposit rates have [...]

POSTED ON December 1, 2015
Are my bank accounts taxed?

The interest earned on bank deposits like savings accounts and term deposits is taxed at the marginal rate that applies to the taxpayer.For people earning [...]

POSTED ON November 18, 2015
Are my deposits safe?

When we want to save money, Aussies like to stick it in the bank. Saving and investing in cash – like a bank account or [...]

POSTED ON November 18, 2015
Are term deposits good value right now?

A term deposit is a savings account product that gives you a fixed rate of return for agreeing to lock your money away for an [...]

POSTED ON November 6, 2015
Which bank has the best term deposits?

All banks and credit unions offer a range of term deposits, from a few weeks in length to five years or longer. Most term deposits [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2015
Work, save and invest with InfoChoice

The Commonwealth government treasurer Scott Morrison said Australians must work, save and invest in order to look after themselves. The government has also announced proposed [...]

POSTED ON October 22, 2015
Don’t be rolled over on your term deposit rate

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission has reported that the biggest ‘risk’ associated with term deposits is the risk of being rolled over at the [...]

POSTED ON October 21, 2015
What are the best term deposit rates right now?

Savers and investors need to shop around and carefully compare term deposit rates in this current low rate environment. Savers who ‘set and forget’ their [...]

POSTED ON October 16, 2015
Why are term deposit rates less than savings rates

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority chairman Wayne Byres questioned why banks and credit unions are offering higher rates on at-call savings accounts over term deposits.Byres is [...]

POSTED ON September 22, 2015
Savings account vs term deposit

If you are looking for a reasonable return on your savings without substantial risk, you need to research the market for savings accounts and the [...]

POSTED ON September 18, 2015
Are term deposits a good deal?

The best 12 month term deposit deals right now are paying about 3.0 per cent. The average 12 month term deposit is currently paying about [...]

POSTED ON September 18, 2015
Do you want a good term deposit deal?

Depositors can still get good savings interest rates - over three per cent - by shopping around and being prepared to move their money to [...]

POSTED ON August 24, 2015
What is the biggest trap in term deposits?

A very common tactic of all banks and most credit unions is offering a generous promotional rate “special” on term deposits. The special rate is [...]

POSTED ON August 19, 2015
Is a term deposit right for me?

Savers and investors who are looking for a reasonable return on their money may be looking around at their options. These might include a high [...]

POSTED ON August 14, 2015
Do I want a term deposit or a savings account?

Term deposits are still enormously popular with investors and savers. High interest online savings accounts are currently offering rates that are very competitive with term [...]

POSTED ON August 7, 2015
Is your comparison site trustworthy?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reviewed the comparison site industry and found that it can deliver value to consumers by facilitating greater competition and [...]

POSTED ON August 5, 2015
How can I maximise my term deposit returns?

Term deposit rates have fallen in recent years as the Reserve Bank has cut the official cash interest rate. However term deposits are still popular [...]

POSTED ON August 4, 2015
Is a term deposit worth it?

Term deposit rates have fallen significantly over the last few years but they remain popular with many savers. Retirees especially like term deposits for their [...]

POSTED ON July 21, 2015
The best and the worst of term deposits

With interest rates at historic low levels, people in the market for a term deposit need to seek out the good deals to ensure they [...]

POSTED ON July 10, 2015
Average term deposit rates rise

Interest rates for savers in the deposit market continue to fall. Savers have to carefully shop around to find good rates. The good news is [...]

POSTED ON July 10, 2015
A new bank for the military

Australian Military Bank is the new proposed name of the Australian Defence Credit Union. John Ford, CEO of Australian Defence Credit Union, said: "We do [...]

POSTED ON July 1, 2015
What is a good term deposit rate?

Term deposit rates have come down in recent years, along with the Reserve Bank's official cash rate. Some term deposits are only paying around one [...]

POSTED ON June 30, 2015
12 month term deposit vs 5 year term deposit

Many savers choose 6 and 12 month term deposits. These are the favourite term deposit terms. Savers looking for stability, certainty and ongoing income often [...]

POSTED ON June 29, 2015