Bank Australia
Bank Australia

Term Deposit

Term Base Rate
90 Days 0.25%
120 Days 0.25%
150 Days 0.25%
180 Days 0.50%
210 Days 0.50%
270 Days 0.50%
1 Year(s) 0.90% paid Annually 0.80 % paid Monthly
2 Year(s) 1.20% paid Annually 1.10 % paid Monthly
3 Year(s) 1.40% paid Annually 1.30 % paid Monthly
Key Features
Min Amount
Max Amount
Interest Payment
Cheque,Direct Credit,Rollover on Maturity
Early Withdrawal
Early Withdrawal Policy - By opening a Term Deposit with Bank Australia, an agreement is entered into whereby the Bank Australia agrees to pay a specified interest rate on the amount invested. Interest paid on principal amounts withdrawn early will equate to the percentage of the current term over the original agreed term. E.g. If the term deposit is held for 80% of the original term 80% of the accrued interest will be paid upon early redemption. Any funds not redeemed will remain in the account until final expiry of the agreed term and will attract the full rate of interest as originally specified. Minimum retained balance is $500.