Qantas, Ansett to issue blood clot warnings

With multi-million dollar lawsuits looming, Qantas and Ansett-Air New Zealand have announced plans to warn passengers of the risks of developing blood clots (deep vein thrombosis, DVT) as a result of air travel. Qantas officials have stated that passengers will be told of the health warnings when buying their tickets as well as in videos during the flight. Similarly, Ansett will provide warnings in information pamphlets given out with tickets, on its website as well as in inflight videos. The health warnings will be issued on international flights and some longer domestic flights such as the journey between Sydney and Perth. The airlines' move to raise passenger awareness of the dangers of DVT come after intended lawsuits from relatives of people who have died from DVT. A recent study by doctors in Britain has concluded that close to 2,000 people a year die from DVT. DVT is believed to be caused by sitting in cramped conditions for an extended period of time.

‘Air tickets to carry health risk warning', The Sydney Morning Herald, 11/01/01, p 5.

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