Westpac doesn’t want new home loans

Westpac is trying to slow growth in its home loan business to curtail higher funding costs. Yesterday Westpac and its subsidiary effectively withdrew from doing business with mortgage brokers.

RAMS will not accept loan applications from brokers after February. Westpac has also tightened loan to valuation ratios for new customers.

"I think the RAMS announcement and the tightening of lending criteria shows that Westpac is withdrawing from the home loan market until they get their funding issues in order," said Mortgage Choice chief executive Mike Russell.

"We're disappointed that Westpac has chosen to withdraw the RAMS product from the broking market," said AFG's chief operating officer, Mark Hewitt.

Westpac told brokers that stricter LVR policies would "help ensure that Westpac continues to manage its mortgage lending in an appropriate and responsible manner".

Source: Herald Sun