No fees, no worries. NOW Finance is one of InfoChoice Lenders of the Year

Personal loans can be a dime a dozen, so when one lender has a compelling product, it captures people’s attention. 

NOW Finance isn’t in the dime a dozen category.

In fact, this company’s product offering is so compelling that it has become one of Australia’s leading providers of  personal loans.

NOW Finance’s personal and car loans are designed to specifically meet the needs of its customers through a range of differentiators including:

– No fees. NOW. And forever.

– Interest rate and comparison rates are the same

– Guaranteed personalised rates

– Flexible repayment terms – weekly or fortnightly

– Loan terms between 1.5 – 7 years

– Australia-based Personal Loan Advisors

Many of the above differentiations have led InfoChoice to hand NOW Finance four awards in its inaugural Banking Awards.

NOW Finance: A Lender of the Year in multiple categories

The InfoChoice 2021 Banking Awards has seen NOW Finance win four awards for two products. The awards are:

– Car Loan Lender of the Year

– Car Loan New – Fixed Rate

– Car Loan Used – Fixed Rate

– Personal Loan Large Unsecured – Fixed Rate

NOW Finance’s no fee policy was a major drawcard for InfoChoice, as it has been for many of its customers.

It is a policy that extends to every single one of its products, making these products highly competitive in an extraordinarily competitive market.

Customers can borrow between $5,000 and $100,000 and tailor the terms of their loans up to 7 years to suit their circumstances. 

Loans tailored specifically to you

The NOW Finance No Fee  personal loan is a prime example of a loan tailored to personal circumstance.

And one that is tailored to suit a customer’s credit history.

Put simply, the interest rate a customer pays, will be dependent on their credit history.

Rates start from 4.45% p.a. (4.45% p.a. comparison rate*) for a No Fee Personal Loan (secured) and 5.95% p.a. (5.95% p.a. comparison rate*), unsecured. These are highly competitive interest rates. 

Note the comparison rate does not change from the advertised rate. This is another important and highly regarded feature, which sets NOW Finance loans apart from its competitors.

Essentially, the better your credit history, the lower your rate will be, and that rate is highly transparent.

“Where NOW Finance stands out is that we have no fees on all of our products, forever. And our rates are determined, based on your credit profile. Our products are some of the most transparent on the market.” Says Richard Blumberg, CEO

Driving a great bargain

NOW Finance has been awarded the InfoChoice Car Loan Lender of the Year.

NOW Finance’s car loans help customers purchase a new vehicle with a range of variables and options .

The loans are tailored to individual needs, with 

loan amounts of up to $50,000 unsecured and up to $100,000 when secured.

As with all NOW Finance’s loans, they are available to people all over Australia if eligibility criteria is met.

NOW Finance provides a guaranteed interest rate, providing customers with peace of mind that they’re not going to get stuck with a higher interest rate at the end of the application process. Plus, their competitive interest rates are lower depending on your credit history and there’s no fees for all customers: that means no establishment fees or any early termination fees.

What sets NOW Finance apart

NOW Finance’s simple transparent approach has made it one of the most popular loan providers on the market.

It offers personal loans with a personal touch, with each customer having their own Personal Loan Advisor to help them through the process. Of course everything can be quickly and easily done online if that’s preferred!

This Australian owned finance company delivers the right personal loan and outstanding service to consumers all over Australia. 

Marked by a simple application process and repayment methods, a Personal Loan Advisor who can answer any questions about your account and guide you on financial queries, NOW Finance’s flexible loans are worthy winners of the InfoChoice 2021 Banking Awards.

No fees. Tailored loans. Competitive interest rates. No worries. 

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