Find the right savings account for your style

Whether youre a committed saver or just getting started, the right savings account can help build your wealth for the future and give you the financial freedom and flexibility you need now.

But which savings account might work best for your needs? Answer the following questions to find out. 

Childrens savings account

Help set up your children or grandchildren for the future and teach them good savings habits early with a childrens savings account. Specially designed for young savers, these accounts typically come with zero monthly fees.

High interest savings account

If youre starting with a lump sum or have a strict savings plan, make your money work harder with a high interest savings account. These accounts are ideal for committed savers, with some accounts offering bonus interest rates when you make minimum monthly contributions or limited withdrawals.

Online savings account

Thanks to low maintenance costs for providers, online savings accounts tend to have the highest interest rate of all savings accounts. You can easily monitor your cash flow online, and some online savings accounts offer bonus or special introductory rates to give you some extra momentum, making them a great way to build wealth quickly.

Standard savings account

If you dont have a regular income or need frequent access to your money, standard savings accounts give you the freedom to build your wealth on your own terms. These no-frills accounts are a good option if you value flexibility; some offer everyday interest rates without limiting your withdrawals or requiring minimum monthly deposits.

Whatever youre saving for, the right savings account can help get you there faster. Search and compare childrens savings accounts, high interest savings accounts, online savings accounts or standard savings accounts now.

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