How to meet your financial goals for 2018

Are you hoping to settle your debts, save for a trip overseas or maybe start a small business in 2018? Whatever your financial goals this year, these low-risk and popular financial solutions can help keep you on track.

Savings accounts

A savings account that offers high interest rates will help you meet your goals faster. Online savings accounts are increasingly popular because they offer good rates, are easy to monitor and accessible 24/7.

Many lenders promote introductory and bonus rates, which you can use to give your savings a booster shot. Make sure you check the standard rate when comparing offers so you know what to expect long term.

Term deposits

If you have funds that you don’t need to access for a while, it’s a good idea to place them in a term deposit for a nominated period to earn a fixed interest. The longer you leave them there (up to five years), the higher the interest rate.

Term deposits are usually fee-free and guaranteed by the government up to $250,000 (per person, per single ADI), making them a safe and easy way to grow your savings.

Credit cards

Applying for another credit card might seem counter-intuitive, but dropping your interest rate from 20% to zero for up to 24 months can make a big difference. Use our InfoChoice Credit Card Calculator to see how you might save with a low interest card or zero balance transfer.

If you have plans to travel or want to be rewarded for your everyday spending, a frequent flyer or cashback and rewards card can help. Make sure you manage your card carefully – find one that suits your lifestyle and always pay the full outstanding amount each month to avoid accruing debt.

Personal loans

Sometimes we just need an extra injection of cash – to cover unexpected bills, make a large purchase or even pay for a much-needed holiday. With a personal loan, you’ll have a set repayment schedule and the funds will be deposited directly into your nominated bank account.

If you find yourself struggling to juggle payday and bills, you might benefit from an overdraft. You can use it to avoid hefty fees when your transaction account is accidentally overdrawn by a periodic payment or withdrawal. You’ll pay interest on the funds you use, so it’s best to keep your overdraft small and repay any outstanding amount promptly.


Whether you’re looking for short-term growth or a lifetime income, investing your money could be an effective way to meet your financial goals. Shares in Australia’s blue-chip companies tend to be the more stable option, whereas investing in newer, speculative companies may offer the possibility of higher returns but can carry higher risk.

Once you’ve decided on your investment strategy and the types of shares you want in your portfolio, our comparison tables make it easy to find a broker.

Whatever your financial goals for 2018, InfoChoice can help you find a way to make them happen. As always, be sure to compare offers so you know you’re getting the best deal to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Learn more about your options for investing your savings.

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