Credit cards with airport lounge access

The best credit cards with airport lounge access come with frequent flyer points, rewards, insurances, concierge service plus reasonable rates and fees. Some of the [...]

POSTED ON January 23, 2020
Top Platinum level credit cards in Australia

Platinum, black and gold level credit cards offer a higher level of service than the average credit card. These are credit cards for people who [...]

POSTED ON January 17, 2020
Best ways to deal with post-Christmas debt

*Disclaimer: Citi credit card product names have changed effective 20 Jan 2020 as following: Citi Clear Platinum is now Citi Clear; Citi Rewards Platinum is now Citi [...]

POSTED ON January 8, 2020
Instant approval credit cards

*Disclaimer: Citi credit card product names have changed effective 20 Jan 2020 as following: Citi Clear Platinum is now Citi Clear; Citi Rewards Platinum is now Citi [...]

POSTED ON December 18, 2019
InfoChoice guide to choosing a credit card

There are hundreds of different credit cards available in Australia, all offering different features, functions, rates, fees and charges. How could anyone possibly know how [...]

POSTED ON December 18, 2019
Is Afterpay better than a credit card?

This Christmas, Afterpay is everywhere. Afterpay is an app which shoppers can use at the checkout or online to pay for goods and services. Afterpay [...]

POSTED ON December 16, 2019
Credit cards offering 0% on purchases

Almost one million Australians ditched their credit card in the 12 months to September, the Reserve Bank reported this week. 594, 289 credit card accounts [...]

POSTED ON November 15, 2019
Finding Cheap Credit Cards in Australian Market

If you have been searching for cheap credit cards in Australia, you can compare low rate and no-annual fee credit cards from Australia’s banks, credit [...]

POSTED ON November 8, 2019
Best credit cards for Christmas 2019

Australians love gifts. In fact, Aussies love giving more than receiving, according to recent research from the Financial Planning Association. 85 per cent of people [...]

POSTED ON November 8, 2019
Top Low-Rate Credit Cards in November 2019

*Disclaimer: Citi credit card product names have changed effective 20 Jan 2020 as following: Citi Clear Platinum is now Citi Clear; Citi Rewards Platinum is now Citi [...]

POSTED ON November 1, 2019
Afterpay vs credit cards

Which is better – Afterpay or a credit card? Buy now, pay later or credit? Afterpay, Zip, Openpay, LatitudePay and other buy now, pay later [...]

POSTED ON October 22, 2019
Review of Latitude Financial

Latitude Financial is a prominent lender in Australia with a long history specialising in consumer credit, personal loans and insurance. Latitude Financial has been in [...]

POSTED ON October 18, 2019
How to earn Velocity Points quickly

Virgin Australia Velocity is one of the world’s best airline loyalty schemes, so if you have a Virgin or Velocity linked credit card, you’ll be [...]

POSTED ON October 11, 2019
Five great 0 balance transfer credit cards

*Disclaimer: Citi credit card product names have changed effective 20 Jan 2020 as following: Citi Clear Platinum is now Citi Clear; Citi Rewards Platinum is now Citi [...]

POSTED ON October 11, 2019
How to earn QFF points quickly

If you’ve recently got a Qantas Frequent Flyer credit card then you’re probably wondering what the best ways to earn frequent flyer points are. The [...]

POSTED ON September 30, 2019
How does a balance transfer work?

If you’ve been wondering about balance transfers and whether one would work for you, find out more about it all in this, your guide to [...]

POSTED ON September 24, 2019
Top 10 credit cards in Australia

*Disclaimer: Citi credit card product names have changed effective 20 Jan 2020 as following: Citi Clear Platinum is now Citi Clear; Citi Rewards Platinum is [...]

POSTED ON August 29, 2019
Frequent Flyer Points bonanza!

By Jason Bryce Banks and other credit card issuers are offering hundreds of thousands of Qantas Frequent Flyer, Virgin Velocity and other rewards points to [...]

POSTED ON August 21, 2019
How do people with bad credit get good credit?

A significant proportion of Aussies don’t want to know what their credit rating is because they know it’ll be indifferent at best, with some fearing [...]

POSTED ON July 19, 2019
How does Virgin Velocity points scheme work?

The Qantas Frequent Flyer program may be a household name in Australia, but Virgin’s Velocity program gives it a serious run for its money. Qantas [...]

POSTED ON July 18, 2019
Which credit card is right for me?

Whether you’re applying for your first credit card, or you’re looking for a new one, it’s important that you choose the right card for you [...]

POSTED ON June 11, 2019
Will a balance transfer affect my credit rating?

With over-indebtedness growing among Australian households, many people wonder how they’ll ever be free of their monthly debt repayments, or at least reduce them to [...]

POSTED ON May 31, 2019
Nine Bad Credit Myths, Busted

One of the downsides of people being unwilling to talk openly about money and their personal finances is that lots of myths and misconceptions spring [...]

POSTED ON May 15, 2019
Two new banks set to take on the big four

Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, National Australia Bank (NAB) and ANZ Bank dominate Australian lending and banking with more than 80 per cent of the market between them.  [...]

POSTED ON May 10, 2019
Credit card rates are averaging 17 per cent

Credit card purchase interest rates are averaging 17 per cent, despite RBA rate cuts. However it’s easy to find a good low rate credit card, [...]

POSTED ON May 5, 2019
How to find the best credit card deals

In the market for a new credit card? Credit card comparison will help you find special offers different banks and other financial institutions have on [...]

POSTED ON April 29, 2019
What to look for in a credit card

Are you shopping for a new credit card? Do you know what you want? Perhaps, like many Aussies you are looking for a great balance [...]

POSTED ON September 29, 2016
Samsung Pay coming to a credit card near you

Samsung has launched the Samsung Pay mobile digital wallet and contactless payment system in Australia. Citibank and American Express credit card users will be the [...]

POSTED ON June 16, 2016
Choose your credit card carefully

What credit card you choose should depend on what type of credit card user you are. Big spenders who spend more than $5000 a month [...]

POSTED ON April 29, 2013
Don’t just settle for a 19% credit card rate

Banks are maintaining credit card interest rates of more than 19 per cent despite falls in official lending rates. Since mid-year official interest rates have [...]

POSTED ON December 24, 2012
New credit card statements arrive

Credit card holders are now getting their first monthly card statements since major law changes that came into force in July. They now include personalised [...]

POSTED ON August 13, 2012
ANZ Rewards Platinum giving away 40,000 points

ANZ Rewards Platinum Visa card is currently giving away 40,000 bonus rewards points to approved applicants who apply by the 31 August 2012. Your application [...]

POSTED ON July 23, 2012
New credit card reforms come into force

From 1 July 2012 changes to NEW credit card contracts mean: Credit card key fact sheets will provide a standardised layout of key information. You [...]

POSTED ON June 29, 2012
Aussies love debit cards

Purchases made with personal credit cards are down to 50.1 per cent of all purchases made with payment cards, MWE Consulting notes in its monthly [...]

POSTED ON April 13, 2011
NAB reforms credit card interest charges

NAB has changed the way interest is charged on credit card balances. NAB said in a statement yesterday that from 14 January 2011, NAB will [...]

POSTED ON September 28, 2010
Changes coming to a card near you

Since the start of the year all new Visa cards issued in Australia have included smart chips to give greater security. Changes to debit and [...]

POSTED ON June 8, 2010
Cards winning over online shoppers

BPay, Visa and MasterCard seem to be winning the war for the hearts and minds of online shoppers with PayPal and direct deposit losing market [...]

POSTED ON January 6, 2009
Amex users pay more and are less accepted

Holders of American Express credit cards are finding that they pay higher surcharges than if they use Visa or MasterCard. Research has found that since [...]

POSTED ON March 10, 2008
Credit crisis not over yet

In its latest review of the financial system the Reserve Bank of Australia has said that the relative calm in money markets over the past [...]

POSTED ON September 25, 2007
Xmas warning over store credit costs

Many so-called interest-free offers from departments stores charge interest rates of up to 27 per cent along with monthly fees as well, the Consumer Credit [...]

POSTED ON November 10, 2004
Cardholders wary of credit surcharges

A new ACNielsen survey has confirmed that a credit card surcharge would lead to a loss of 29 per cent of retailers' and merchants' customers. [...]

POSTED ON January 17, 2003
Frequent flyers call for Ansett liquidation

The Ansett Global Rewards Action Group says that Ansett creditors will get nothing unless the airline is placed into liquidation. Jon Caneva, spokesman for the [...]

POSTED ON March 22, 2002
The new Coles Myer card

Late in 2001 Coles Myer replaced its customers' department store cards with "private label" credit cards, in a joint venture with US-based finance company GE [...]

POSTED ON March 6, 2002
Ansett ticket refunds: The latest

Ansett administrators have revealed that it had pre-sold 500,000 tickets worth $400m at the time of the airline's collapse. National Australia Bank has agreed to [...]

POSTED ON October 10, 2001